What Information Is Included in a Burnham Boiler Manual?


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The manual for a Burnham boiler typically includes information related to safety, operation and maintenance. However, each Burnham boiler has different requirements, so the information varies from manual to manual.

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Because boilers are potentially hazardous machines, most of the information in a Burnham boiler manual is about safety. For instance, the manual for the Burnham Alpine boiler dedicates the entirety of its first page to a series of warnings in both English and French. "Warning," "caution," and "danger" headings appear throughout the manual in each of the major sections.

Burnham boiler manuals also feature a section that covers general care and usage. This section goes over how to properly light and shut down the boiler, as well as how to extinguish the boiler if the flames become too large. The maintenance section of Burnham manuals includes information about how to inspect and service the boiler to ensure reliable operation.

Most Burnham manuals also dedicate space to black-and-white diagrams. These diagrams identify some of the major internal and external parts of the boiler and illustrate pieces that are essential to operation, safety and maintenance. Additionally, some Burnham boiler manuals have a section that deals with installation. The installation section also includes diagrams and safety warnings, but tends to be written in expert language for technicians.

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