What Information Is Contained in a Husky Air Compressor Manual?

What Information Is Contained in a Husky Air Compressor Manual?

A Husky air compressor manual contains important information including safety risks, assembly instructions, operation instructions, maintenance instructions and storage. Safety is emphasized in the manuals because incorrect handling can result in damage and injury.

Operating the Husky air compressor improperly is dangerous. The various safety warnings include the risks of explosion or fire, bursting, flying objects, electrical shock and burns. To mitigate these risks, the manual includes instructions such as operating the compressor in a well-ventilated area and removing protective covers prior to use.

Assembly instructions include unpacking and assembling the hose and assembling accessories. After the air compressor is unpacked, all parts and bags must be saved for future storage. The hose is then assembled to an air outlet and accessories, including a blow gun, are assembled as well.

There are several switches and gauges that help with operating the air compressor. The Off/Auto-On switch provides automatic power to the pressure switch when it is on Auto-On and shuts off the power when it is on Off.

Maintenance instructions include checking the safety valve to make sure it is not stuck and draining the tank when needed. To store the air compressor, accessories need to be put away, the tank needs to be drained and the air compressor needs to be placed in a cool and dry location.