What Information Is in an Air Conditioning Recharging Manual?

What Information Is in an Air Conditioning Recharging Manual?

An air conditioning recharging manual contains the step-by-step information needed to recharge a vehicle's air conditioner and restore it to working order. It also includes information on appropriate temperatures, can positioning and the proper disposal procedure for the air conditioning recharger.

To use an air conditioner recharger, first start the vehicle, and place the air conditioner setting to max-cool, or its highest possible setting. Check to see if the unit's compressor is functioning. If it is, the compressor clutch spins; if it is not, it remains stationary. If the compressor is functioning, move to the next step. If not, add 1/2 can of refrigerant.

To add refrigerant to an air conditioner with a non-functioning compressor, locate the service port, an aluminum tube located between the compressor and the evaporator. Take off the port's cap, and store safely. Take the trigger from the can of recharger, and take off the protective shipping disc. Attach the can to the recharge hose, and then plug the hose into the service port until it clicks. Shake the can whilst holding it upright, and discharge 1/2 the contents into the air conditioner by squeezing the trigger.

Unattach the hose, plug the service port, and check to see if the clutch will begin to cycle. If so, remove the hose from the can and the service port's cap. Ensure that the pressure is optimal for further recharging by lining the arrow on the hose's gauge with the outdoor temperature. If the gauge needle falls before the V, repeat the steps to discharge the remaining refrigerant into the compressor. If it is in the red, professional care may be needed.

Recharge hoses can be recycled on another can of recharger. Cans must be returned to where they were purchased for disposal.