What Are Some Inexpensive Ways to Decorate an Apartment?

What Are Some Inexpensive Ways to Decorate an Apartment?

Inexpensive ideas for decorating an apartment include hanging artwork, using modular furniture, layering rugs, replacing cheap blinds and updating shades on ceiling light fixtures. If you have a short-term lease, many of these ideas can easily move with you to your next home.

While hanging artwork often involves creating nail holes, they are easy to patch with spackling and touch-up paint. Picture hanging strips leave no holes and are easy to remove. Posters and inexpensive prints can help to make the space truly yours.

Modular furniture easily transforms from a sofa to a chair and loveseat. Modular cube shelving separates to fit a variety of spaces and uses. The small cubes are easy to carry up stairs and move.

If the apartment has wall-to-wall carpeting, add color by layering throwrugs over it. As an added bonus, the rugs can cover worn or stained carpets.

Many apartments have cheap, horizontal mini-blinds. Replace them with upgraded window coverings for the duration of your stay in the home. Store the mini-blinds until you are ready to move. Spackle the holes from your window coverings and reinstall the blinds.

If you do not enjoy the ceiling light fixtures, replace the shade with an upscale model. Store the old shade, and replace it when you move.