What Are Some Inexpensive Storage Cabinet Solutions?


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Inexpensive storage cabinet solutions include shelf baskets, sectional trays, tiered inserts, small bins and craft boxes. These solutions help to utilize the most space in a storage cabinet, keep them clean and organized, and make the retrieval of items quick and easy.

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Kitchen storage cabinets benefit from inexpensive shelf baskets because they allow for the storing and organizing of items such as drink mix envelopes, tea bags and small snacks items. Tiered inserts and small bins are useful in kitchen storage cabinets for organizing spices, flavorings and small jars. Small bins can also be stacked, making use of the vertical space that typically goes unused in a storage cabinet. Choosing clear bins allows items to be viewed for easy retrieval.

Toiletry closets benefit from inexpensive sectional trays, which keep items such as cotton swabs, cotton balls and cosmetics clean and in one place. Clear, plastic, inexpensive craft boxes create toiletry cabinet solutions by containing small items, including safety pins, buttons, hair pins, extra earring backs and ear plugs.

Inexpensive solutions for an office storage cabinet include sectional trays that offer compartments of various sizes and shapes, allowing for items such as pens, correction fluid, highlighters, memo notes and scissors to be stored and organized together. Small bins are also useful for larger office storage cabinet items, such as packs of index cards, envelopes, rulers, jars of glue and ink cartridges.

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