What Are Some Inexpensive Pool Fence Ideas?

What Are Some Inexpensive Pool Fence Ideas?

Inexpensive pool fence material options that are durable and effective include wrought iron, wood and chain link fencing. Glass, iron, mesh, aluminum, tubular steel and vinyl are also commonly used in pool fences.

There are a few basic design ideas for constructing a pool fence that provide privacy, security and safety for the pool's users. While any fence changes the atmosphere of a yard, steps can be taken so that it does not impede on the landscape and aesthetics of a backyard.

A fence made of wood provides a natural look that is inexpensive and durable. The wood can also be painted or stained to integrate into an outdoor design. The different varieties of wood make it a versatile option that can be installed with a vertical or horizontal grain.

Other materials such as wrought iron are pricier but can be obtained through wholesale suppliers. Iron adds a decorative, Victorian look that can range from plain to ornate.

Chain link fences, although not entirely private or decorative, also serve as an effective pool fence. Hedges can be added to enhance the appearance and solidity of the fence.

Pool fences are either installed around the perimeter of the yard, around the perimeter of the pool itself or as a temporary, removable feature. When choosing ideas for an inexpensive pool fence, make certain the fence conforms to all pool safety codes, which vary by state.