What Is an Inexpensive Home Remedy for Removing Oil Stains From Concrete?


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An inexpensive home remedy for removing oil stains from concrete is applying a layer of absorbent material like baby powder or cat litter to the stain, allowing it to sit overnight and then using a grease-cutting detergent to remove any residual stain. Another absorbing agent to use is talcum powder. Sweep away the absorbing agent before cleaning the residual stain with a cleaning solution. Dish soap is good for residual oil stains because it cuts through the grease.

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Laundry detergent can be another good oil-cutting cleaning solution. Scrub this cleaning agent into the concrete after all of the absorbing agent has been cleared away with a brush or cloth. After scrubbing, pour hot water over the concrete. Repeat this process if any stain is left over.

WD-40 is another effective cleaning agent for removing oil stains as it penetrates and displaces grease. Apply WD-40 by spraying the cleaning compound onto the desired area after all excess oil has been either absorbed or cleared away.

Also apply baking soda or sodium bicarbonate to problem oil stain areas. The alkaline nature of this chemical compound absorbs and lifts the grease. Apply the baking soda to the stain, and then scrub vigorously before rinsing clean with water.

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