What Are Some Inexpensive Home Elevator Systems?

What Are Some Inexpensive Home Elevator Systems?

An inexpensive home elevator system is a pneumatic vacuum-powered elevator. Compared to traditional elevators, this type of elevator is lighter in weight, requires less maintenance, and is ultimately less costly.

Pneumatic vacuum-powered elevators are powered by air. They also require no cables, no pulleys and no pit, and are typically installed without making major renovations to one's home. Such systems use very little energy, and many "green" models are available for homeowners to purchase.

Like traditional elevators, pneumatic vacuum-powered elevators can be useful for those who are unable to use the stairs due to changes in health. However, such elevators are also useful for those who desire additional convenience when ascending the stairs, especially when carrying heavy items such as groceries.

The installation of a pneumatic vacuum-powered elevator is quick; some models can be installed in only one day. This is because such elevators do not require a shaft or a pit, which also helps to keep the price lower than traditional home elevators.

Another way to reduce the price of these home elevators is to install smaller models. While commercial vendors sell elevators that can accommodate a wheelchair along with one extra person, those without the need of a wheelchair can install a smaller model suited to only one standing person, further reducing the cost.