What Are Some Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas?


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Items found around the house or yard are some of the most-attractive and least-expensive options for edging. Common objects such as glass bottles, cut branches and cinder blocks make creative and cheap borders. Stones, rocks and bordering plants are also inexpensive and great for flower bed and garden edging.

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What Are Some Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas?
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Glass wine and soda bottles are a unique way to edge a garden. Collect or purchase these bottles and remove the labels. Place the necks of the bottles in the ground in the desired pattern. Use a variety of bottles in different colors and sizes to create unique, personalized edging designs. Cinder blocks are another great bordering option, and there are at least two different ways to use them. One way is to place them around the garden with the holes partially underground and facing outward. Another option is placing the cinder blocks with the holes facing upward, filling the holes with dirt and planting flowers in the holes. Branches are another option for inexpensive edging. Collect branches or use branches from a recently pruned tree. Cut the branches to the lengths needed to fit around the edges, and use the natural curves of the branches to contour the border of the garden. This adds a woodsy touch to flower beds and gardens.

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