What Are Some Inexpensive Flooring Ideas?

What Are Some Inexpensive Flooring Ideas?

Inexpensive flooring ideas include painting floors, installing cork floors and covering a cement floor with epoxy coating. A homeowner wanting the look of hardwood floors can install "floating" floors of wood veneer that produce a similar look for a fraction of the price.

A coat of paint over a damaged wooden floor costs far less than sanding and refinishing the floors and can look terrific. A homeowner should consider painting checkerboard patterns or stripes to revive an old floor and add energy to a room.

Cork tiles are durable, warm to the touch and easy to install. Another less-expensive approach to cork flooring is to collect wine bottle corks, and use them as a unique floor material in a smaller room, such as a bathroom. Cork also holds up well in humid areas.

With a floating floor of wood veneer, strips of flooring snap together rather than having to be nailed into place. The ease of installation and inexpensive materials make this a wise flooring choice for a homeowner who wants the beauty of a hardwood floor but can't afford the expense of its installation.

Another inexpensive floor treatment involves stripping away any old or damaged flooring until the cement slab is revealed and then covering the cement with a shiny epoxy floor coating. While this treatment is often used in garages, it also works in homes and serves as an attractive backdrop for displaying rugs.