What Are Some Inexpensive DIY Landscaping Ideas?

What Are Some Inexpensive DIY Landscaping Ideas?

Some inexpensive DIY landscaping ideas are to use community mulch for your landscaping, choose perennial plants rather than annual plants and mixing soil with homemade compost. Another inexpensive DIY landscaping idea is to wait until the end of the planting season to purchase plants.

Mulch is a crucial ingredient for landscaping, as it provides nutrients for plants while holding in moisture. Purchasing mulch from a store can cost around $10 for a bag that only covers about 20 square feet, as of 2015. However, many communities offer free mulch to residents. Residents can call their community's parks department to find out if free mulch is available.

Choosing perennial plants such as coreopsis and catmint over annual plants is another idea for inexpensive DIY landscaping. Although perennial plants initially cost a bit more than annual plants, they save money in the long run by growing and flowering every year, preventing the need to buy new plants at the beginning of each season.

Mixing potting soil with homemade compost is another money saving tip for DIY landscaping. Compost made from food scraps, coffee grounds and other food waste, can be mixed with bagged potting soil to cut down on the number of bags purchased.

Finally, retail outlets often cut prices on plants and other landscaping item at the end of the spring or summer in order to make room for new merchandise. Taking advantage of these price cuts is another idea for making a DIY landscaping project less expensive.