What Are the Industrial Rules of Oven Safety?


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The rules that govern the safe use of an industrial oven are much the same as those for a home oven. Industrial ovens can reach hotter temperatures and require faster removal of food to get food to customers more quickly, but safety is always the top priority.

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When heating an oven, individuals should always ensure it is heated to the proper temperature. Failure to do this can lead to undercooked food. Consumers should make sure the oven is attended at all times, and remove food before it burns. When removing food, they should always use both hands to grip heavy pans and always wear oven mitts to prevent burns. In addition, individuals should stand clear of the door when opening the oven and close it immediately.

Combustible items like paper or cloth should be kept away from the oven. Finally, the oven heating element should always be clean of dropped food crumbs. Not only does this reduce the risk of fire, it also promotes cleanliness.

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