How Is an Induction Cooktop Different Than a Traditional Stovetop?


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An induction cooktop is different than a traditional one because it uses electromagnetic energy to heat a pan. Traditional cooktops use either a heating element or a flame to heat a pan.

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How Is an Induction Cooktop Different Than a Traditional Stovetop?
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Induction cooktops are more energy-efficient than traditional cooktops. Less energy is used to heat a pan with an induction cooktop because it is not heating the air like a traditional cooktop does. Instead, it uses about 90 percent of the energy from the cooktop to heat the pan. A traditional cooktop may only use 40 percent of its energy potential to heat a pan.

An induction cooktop is also safer than a traditional cooktop, since the surface does not become hot. Users of this type of cooktop can safely touch the surface, and it makes cleaning easy, since food does not cook onto the surface. Induction cooktops are also different from traditional cooktops as they cook food more quickly. When looking at two similar cooktops, the induction cooktop can boil 5 gallons of water in about 22 minutes, but a traditional cooktop takes about 36 minutes to do the same. The one drawback for some people is that only certain cookware can be used on an induction cooktop. Glass, ceramic and aluminum pots and pans do not work with an induction cooktop.

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