Is an Induction Cooktop Better Than an Electric Cooktop?


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Compared to electric models, stovetops that utilize induction heating are preferable because they can be set to more precise temperatures and heat food up quicker. Appliances that use induction heating also do not produce excess heat, which prevents them from heating up the rooms in which they are located.

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Induction heating is produced by a metal coil located inside the stove tops that creates a magnetic field that directly heats the pot or pan on the stove, which in turn cooks the food. Stove tops that use induction heating are considered safer than electric stovetops because the induction-heated stove stays cool to the touch during cooking and cannot set grease or paper aflame.

The induction cooking method has positive aspects, but it also has negative ones. Pots or pans consisting of iron or stainless steel must be used with induction stovetops, as these are the only metals that can harness the magnetic fields to produce heat. Compaaratively, all types of pots and pans can be used with electric stoves. Certain foods cannot be prepared on an induction stovetop, and these types of stoves are also more expensive than electric stovetops, while the energy savings differential between the two cooking methods is negligible.

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