How Do You Have Indoor Plants Delivered to Your Home?


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Teleflora, ProFlowers and many local florists deliver indoor potted plants the same way they deliver cut flower arrangements. In addition, Amazon.com sells houseplants, bonsais, bamboo and orchids with home shipping options.

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Teleflora.com offers orchids, tropical plants and flowering houseplants with same day delivery from a local florist. Violets, orchids, bamboo and succulents are among Teleflora.com’s best-selling plants, as of 2015. The company also sells common houseplants such as dieffenbachia, spathiphyllum and ficus trees. Plants come in various styles of containers from footed, glazed pots to simple terracotta.

ProFlowers.com provides container choices with several of its best-selling houseplants. For example, the braided money tree comes in a hexagonal ceramic, burlap-wrapped, decorative paper-wrapped or square bamboo pot. While ProFlowers.com has a plant selection similar to thatof Teleflora.com, its presentation styles are more distinctive. A pink, heart-shaped terracotta pot is standard for the mixed succulents, and the Tillandsia air plant comes in a glass globe suspended by macramé.

Amazon.com lists thousands of indoor plant varieties from Venus fly traps to vanilla orchids. Among the best-sellers are parlor palms, mother-in-law tongues, golden pathos and peace lilies. Unique bonsais, such as dawn redwood, fringe flower and Brazilian rain tree, are available with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

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