How Do Indoor Growing Kits for Plants Work?


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Indoor plant growing kits provide the optimal combination of light, nutrients and water for the plants to flourish. Traditional indoor growing kits use a growing medium such as soil, while hydroponic kits suspend the plant roots in or above a nutrient solution.

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How Do Indoor Growing Kits for Plants Work?
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Soil-based growing kits include a water delivery system that drips down or wicks up water to maintain soil moisture levels. Indoor gardening suppliers, such as HTG Supply, sell specialized lights that emit the full spectrum of light radiation for proper plant growth and development. Lights may be equipped with a timer to simulate day and night cycles. Many gardeners use indoor seed starting kits that regulate moisture and temperature to accelerate seed germination and growth before transplanting seedlings to an outdoor garden.

Hydroponic growers select one of six common system designs, or use a combination of growing methods, based on factors such as space, cost and the type of plant they wish to cultivate. Lettuce grows exceptionally well in the water culture system, which floats the plant platform in the nutrient solution, according to Simply Hydroponics. Some systems drip the solution down the roots and back into a reservoir, while other mist the solution over the suspended roots.

About.com recommends Aerogarden as a compact, self-contained hydroponic growing system for homeowners. Aerogarden kits include a container, pre-seeded plant plugs and a full-spectrum lighting source, which are controlled by an automated system.

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