What Are Some Indoor Gardening Tips From Gardener's Eden?


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The online journal Gardener's Eden suggests making a terrarium for an indoor garden as well as filling a bowl with succulents and cacti. If space permits, gardeners can set up an indoor plant conservatory.

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To make a terrarium, use a large glass jar with a lid. Place about an inch of pea gravel in the bottom. Next, add a layer of sphagnum moss followed by a mound of potting soil. Mist the contents of the jar, and let it settle before adding plants. Low-light plants such as maidenhair ferns, begonias and club moss work best in terrariums.

To make a dry bowl garden for cacti or succulents, select an interesting shallow container such as a glass or terracotta bowl. If there is no drainage hole add a one inch layer of pea gravel to the bottom of the bowl, and then line it with sand. Fill the rest of the bowl with cactus potting soil before carefully adding the plants.

Turn an unused sunny space into an indoor conservatory by adding low-light plants such as primroses and asparagus ferns. Repurpose old furniture as plant stands, and use tag sale sofas and chairs to make a comfortable reading spot. Finally, decorate the room with natural objects and books to create an accompanying appearance.

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