What Are Some Indoor Ant Control Options?

What Are Some Indoor Ant Control Options?

Options for indoor ant control include eliminating food and water that attract the insects, sealing any openings where they enter the home, use of baits, eliminating outdoor colonies and calling for professional help. Stopping faucets that leak and sealing food in antproof containers makes a home less attractive to the invasion. Keeping the dishes clean and crumbs eliminated causes them to look elsewhere.

Ants often enter homes through small openings from the outside. Sealing these openings with caulk is one effective way to keep them outside. If the weatherstripping around doors and windows is worn, replacing it helps to eliminate access to the home.

Ant baits contain boric acid that kills ants. The boric acid is mixed with a sugar or grease containing compound to attract different species of ants. The worker ants carry the food back to the colony, where it has the potential to wipe out the entire anthill.

Sometimes it is possible to follow the ant trail back out of the house to the anthill. Once the owner locates the colony, he treats it with ant poison to kill the ants that are invading the house.

If a homeowner's attempts to control ants in the house fail, his next step is calling an exterminator. The exterminator identifies the species of ant and then uses pesticides specific to the type of insect.