How Do You Increase the Value of Property With Landscaping?


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Adding shrubs, plants, trees and walkways help increase the value of property. Lighting and patio additions are other ways a homeowner's property value is increased.

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Landscaping increases a property's value because it Increases curb appeal and entices buyers to want to see what is on the inside of the home. Good landscaping makes the home stand out among other homes in the neighborhood and adds functionality to the yard, as it means the buyer has fewer renovations to make. Low-maintenance landscaping that is functional is a desirable selling point for potential buyers.

Individuals looking to increase the value of their property must have a long-term landscaping plan in mind. If the plan is to sell the home soon, there are immediate steps a property owner is able to take to spruce up the landscaping and boost the selling price. One way to quickly improve landscaping is to cut fresh edges around the planting beds, or have a well-defined edge between dirt, mulch or grass for a professional look. Property owners need to begin fertilizer treatments on their lawn if they want buyers to see a lush, green yard.

Buyers look for homes with landscaping that offers a sophisticated design, plant maturity and size, and the diversity of the plants chosen for the landscaping design. Having a simple landscape design is helpful when attracting buyers to the property.

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