How Do You Increase Your Home Security?


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Home security can be improved by always giving the appearance of being occupied, concealing all exterior wiring, changing all of the locks if the home was recently purchased and keeping entrances to the home well lit with motion-activated lighting. Deadbolt locks on traditional doors and metal bars to keep sliding doors from being opened are good options for securing entrances to the home.

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How Do You Increase Your Home Security?
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Install shades on windows and doors to prevent prying eyes from seeing whether anybody is home and assessing valuable possessions. Light filtering shades are a good solution for allowing natural light to penetrate into the home while still providing security from anybody trying to glimpse inside. Landscaping options such as thorny bushes that are lower than window height function as a natural security feature that deters prowlers from ducking out of sight into blind spots. Removing or pruning large shrubs eliminates hiding places for thieves attempting to gain access to the home. Windows should be secured with locks and force-resistant glass as they are a common entry point for home intruders.

Home security systems are one of the best ways to improve the security of a home but can be expensive. If a home security system is not within the budget, consider purchasing signs and stickers for a well-known home security system provider and placing them in highly visible locations around the home and property. Intruders are less likely to burglarize a home that they believe is protected by an alarm system.

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