What Is Included on an American National Pipe Thread Chart?


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An American National standard taper pipe thread chart includes the nominal pipe size, outside diameter, threads per inch and the pitch of the thread. The chart on the Machining Products website also includes measures of the length and diameter for hand tight engagement, effective external thread, wrench makeup length of the internal thread and nominal perfect external thread.

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The American National standard taper pipe thread chart has measurements for the vanish thread, the overall length of the external thread and the height of the thread. Machining Products notes that the measurements on the chart are in inches.

Machining Products, on its American National standard taper pipe thread chart, lists nominal pipe sizes from 1/16 inch to 10 inches. The number of threads per inch decreases as the nominal pipe size increases. However, the number of threads is the same for some consecutive pipe sizes. For instance, pipes with nominal sizes of 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch have 27 threads per inch, and pipes with nominal sizes 4 to 10 inches all have eight threads per inch.

The design of American National standard taper pipe threads ensure that they provide a seal that does not leak, even without sealant or Teflon tape covering the joint. These threads have high crest and root heights, which helps stop leakages.

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