How Do You Improve Drainage Around a House?


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To improve drainage around a house, dig a trench with a dry well to move water away from the house. For minor drainage issues, make sure the soil slopes away from the house and the gutters are properly installed. Get clearance from local utility companies before digging, if necessary.

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  1. Dig a hole

    Find a spot below your house to place the dry well. Dig a hole big enough to accommodate the dry well.

  2. Dig the trench

    Dig a deep trench that leads to the hole you dug for the dry well. You can also use the trench to direct water away from the house without a dry well. A dry well is helpful if you do not have any place to drain all of the water immediately. A dry well holds the water and slowly releases it into the soil.

  3. Install the dry well

    Score the drainage holes in the dry well, and punch out the centers with a hammer. Reassemble the dry well, and place it into the hole.

  4. Lay the drainage tube

    Make sure the trench slopes properly, and add a 3-inch layer of rocks. Lay the drainage tube in the trench, and connect it with the dry well. Add another 3 inches of rocks to the trench, and cover with at least 6 inches of soil. After filling the trench, backfill the well.

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