What Are Some Important Tips to Follow When Reupholstering Chairs?


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Choosing the right stapler can make a difference when beginning a chair reupholstery project, although high-performance pneumatic staplers are expensive and require a separate air compressor to function. Also, when cutting the batting of the new fabric, make sure to leave about 4 inches of overhang on all four sides of the seat.

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When shopping for fabric for a reupholstery project, make sure to purchase upholstery-grade fabric that offers increased strength and stain resistance compared to clothing textiles and other types of fabric. These fabrics range in price from very affordable to up to 10 times the price of regular fabric, depending on the retailer.

When installing the new fabric, be sure to begin the process with the seat facing upwards and the front edge hanging over the work surface while driving staples through the bottom to hold the fabric in place. Continue stapling while rotating the seat 180 degrees, and tack the back into place the same way.

If the chair in question features seat edges that are concealed by a frame, then single-fold, hospital-style corners are an efficient way to wrap up any corner overhang on the finished chair. If the front corners of the seat cushion are exposed, a butterfly corner is preferred.

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