What Are Some Important Tips to Follow When Caring for a New Sod Lawn?


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After placing a new sod in the yard, water it regularly. It needs to be watered more often in hotter weather. If temperatures are 80 degrees or higher, water it twice a day.

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Water the sod lawn regularly until it establishes the root system. This takes one or two full summers. If you lay the sod during a hot month, continue watering it one or two times a day during the hottest months, then decrease watering when the weather starts to cool down. This helps you prevent a burned lawn during those hot days.

To begin watering a new sod lawn, provide it with 1/2 inch of water during each session. Reduce it to 1 inch after the first few weeks. Do not mow the sod until it grows by about 4 or 5 inches. Don't mow the sod shorter than 3 inches. Fertilize new sod in September, but do not fertilize it within the first two months of laying it. If you laid the sod in the fall, fertilize it in the spring instead.

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