What Are Some Important Tips to Consider When Shopping for Suspended Ceiling Tiles?

Things to consider when shopping for suspended ceiling tiles are the difficulty of installation and whether the tiles meet the room's clearance needs. Additionally, size, the ability to paint the tiles, the ease in which ceiling fixtures fit into the tile and the possibility of future repairs should also be considered.

When evaluating the level of experience needed to install suspended ceiling tiles, people need to understand their skill levels and limitations. If support grids need to be installed, consider choosing a product that requires very few steps to achieve complete installation.

Ensure that the suspended ceiling tiles provide adequate clearance for the room in which they are installed. Most ceilings are about 8 feet high, but those in finished basements can be 7 feet. Measure the distance between overhead joists and the proposed ceiling height. Consider any fixtures that will be installed when choosing the height of the ceiling.

Suspended ceiling tiles come in several sizes. Consider the square footage that needs covered, as well as the amount of support tracking to be installed; larger tiles require less support tracking. Tiles come in several colors, but if the look of the room may change, ensure that the tiles can be painted. Also, make sure that any fixtures to be hung are supported by the chosen tile and that it can be easily removed in the future in case repairs are needed.