What Are the Most Important Parts of a Furnace?

What Are the Most Important Parts of a Furnace?

The most important parts of a furnace include the burner, heat exchanger, vent pipe, thermostat and blower. Although there are four distinct types of furnaces that have different parts, other important parts include an ignitor, duct work, filter, limit switch and pilot light.

The different parts of a furnace help heat and circulate warm air during the winter. These parts also help circulate cool air during the summer. Most basic furnaces incorporate a thermostat to gauge temperature and decide when to ignite the burner.

The burner is the part on the furnace that delivers and burns the gas. An ignitor is used to light the burner, which burns gas to produce heat. The heated gas that travels from the burner is used to raise the temperature inside the heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers perform dual purposes inside the furnace. The primary purpose of this part is to warm the air, which is distributed throughout the home. The heat exchanger also eliminates fumes produced by burned fuel and separates the fumes from circulating air.

Another part of a furnace is the blower. This part pulls air in, warms it and helps distribute it back into the home. Ductwork is also used to transport heated air around the home.