Why Is It Important to Have a Garage Ventilation Fan?


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Garage ventilation fans improve ventilation and help remove exhaust and chemical fumes from the garage. They cool hot garages and help to maintain a constant temperature. Garage ventilation fans can also reduce air conditioning costs, remove condensation and protect the contents of the garage.

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When a car is left running in a garage, the cars exhaust system releases fumes into the garage. Toxic fumes can also be released by chemicals, paints and cleaning products stored in the garage. Without proper ventilation, these fumes accumulate, possibly leading to health problems or death. In homes with attached garages, these fumes can enter the living area.

Unventilated garages trap heat from the environment and from equipment and vehicles running inside the garage. Higher temperatures are unpleasant for individuals using the garage as a hobby or workspace, and objects stored in garages may warp or spoil because of excessive heat. Heat from an unventilated garage can also enter the home, raising home cooling costs. A garage exhaust fan forces the hot air out of the garage and draws in cooler air from outside.

Garage ventilation fans also circulate the air, reducing humidity and helping to prevent condensation. Condensation can damage items stored in the garage, and excess humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth.

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