What Is Important to Know Before Buying a Portable AC?


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Some of the important factors to consider before buying a portable air conditioner include the size of the unit, the location, maintenance and energy efficiency. Homeowners should also set a budget before going out to purchase an AC unit to avoid overspending.

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It is important for homeowners to choose the right size air conditioner for their needs. The units are rated in British Thermal Units, and the correct size is determined by the size of the room to be cooled. Homeowners can take room measurements and consult a HVAC expert on the right size for the particular space. Other factors that affect AC size include insulation, heat producing appliances, ceiling height and climate.

Portable air conditioners use an exhaust hose to expel hot air produced during the cooling process. Where the unit is installed is an important consideration, although most portable conditioners fit easily on standard windows. Homeowners should also choose units that require little maintenance. Some of the most common portable AC maintenance includes cleaning or replacing filters, defrosting and emptying the drain bucket.

Homeowners should look for air conditioners that are rated highly in energy efficiency. This helps to reduce monthly energy bills, and it is good for the environment. Energy efficiency is indicated as an Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the EER, the more energy efficient the appliance is.

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