What Is the Importance of Termite Inspection?


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Homes should periodically be inspected for termites in order to control and eliminate widespread damage to the home's interior structure. The signs of termite damage are difficult to detect without calling in the services of a termite expert. Termites destroy wood from the inside out and can cause serious damage before homeowners realize an infestation exists.

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What Is the Importance of Termite Inspection?
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Termites cause billions of dollars in home damage each year. Most home mortgage lenders require a buyer to get a termite inspection done before the home purchase is finalized. Should termites be found, the sale agreement can be adjusted to reflect the costs of eliminating the termites from the property or their removal can be required as a condition of the sale. Homeowners not selling a home should still have a periodic inspection done to protect their investments.

Termite colonies can eat up to a pound of wood per day. Minor termite infestations are easy to fix by having the home professionally treated to eliminate the problem. Termite inspections reveal evidence of any current or past termite damage. The inspector provides the homeowner with either a written statement or a guarantee of his findings. Homeowners should keep documentation of termite inspection, treatment and damage repair.

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