What Is the Importance of Cleanliness?

According to Everyday Health, cleanliness and good hygiene are essential to maintaining good health by getting rid of the viruses and bacteria that cause illness. Good hygiene is also essential for maintaing a positive self image and a good reputation in society.

Unicef explains that cleanliness is a life-saving trait around the world, especially in nations where running water is not readily available. Basic cleanliness practices such as hand-washing are known to reduce the rate of serious and potentially fatal illnesses such as pneumonia, trachoma, scabies and other infections. Unicef also states that cleanliness prevents the spread of mass-outbreak viruses and infections. Although less serious than health-based reasons for good hygiene, Hygiene Expert explains that most people are socially conditioned by parents, teachers and peers to practice good cleanliness habits. These habits are necessary in order to be accepted by the rest of society, and those who do not practice good hygiene may experience stigma and bullying at school or work. Everyday Health notes that poor personal hygiene is often a sign that a person does not value himself or herself and may suffer from depression or another psychological issue that results in a lack of interest in personal cleanliness.