What Is the Importance of Carpet Weight Per Square Yard?

importance-carpet-weight-per-square-yard Credit: Paul Bradbury/OJO Images/Getty Images

A high face weight per square yard indicates that a carpet is more durable and better quality. The face weight should only be considered when comparing carpets made from similar materials.

There are two types of weights to be aware of when looking at carpets, total weight and face weight. Some stores will list the total weight of a carpet to try and entice buyers, but total weight is not an indicator of quality. The total weight is the amount that each square ounce of carpet weighs overall, including the face weight, latex and backing material. Buyers should pay attention to the face weight of the carpet. This is the amount of fiber that is on the carpet surface.

A carpet's face weight per square yard can be an indicator of quality. Heavier face weights mean that more fiber is on the carpet surface, making it plusher, denser and more durable. A good face weight is about 40 ounces per square yard; the best quality carpets have a face weight of about 63 ounces per square yard. Only take the weight into account when comparing carpets made from similar materials, such as two olefin material carpets. Two distinct materials not only weigh differently, but also have two distinct levels of performance and durability.