How Does an Impinger Pizza Oven Work?


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Impinger pizza ovens work by using nozzles located above and below a conveyor system to blow heated air that quickly and effectively heats foods as they travel along the system. The movement of the pressurized air delivers faster and more even results than radiant heating systems.

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Impinger pizza ovens are a subset of conveyor ovens, which pass foods along a belt-driven system through the heating area to deliver hot and ready baked goods on the opposite side. Conveyor ovens are especially helpful for cooking large batches and high volumes of food, making them a staple in many modern bakeries and pizza shops. The use of airflow to cook foods in impingement systems allows them to operate quietly and use less energy than many comparable high-volume systems.

Conveyor ovens are also easily stackable, allowing up to three of each system to operate as a single unit to save floor space while increasing output. Impinger pizza ovens deliver even heating that helps prevent scorching and requires little to no recovery time between batches. Impinger pizza ovens also require no preheating time, allowing users to begin cooking foods quickly and efficiently, and they can cook foods at speeds up to four times faster than radiant systems.

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