What Images Would a Circuit Breaker Panel Wiring Diagram Include?

Circuit breaker panel wiring diagram images typically include the breakers, wires that carry electricity out from each breaker, neutral and breaker bus bars or conductors, the ground wire and the main lugs, and cables. A red or black hot wire connects each circuit to a breaker and the breaker bus distributes power from the main breaker to each of the separate circuit breakers that snap onto the breaker bus. The ground and neutral wires connect at the neutral bus.

The main cables at the top of the panel are black, carry power from the meter to the circuits and are always live. These main cables connect to the main lugs that are also always live even when the main breaker is shut off. Each circuit has two hot wires that feed into the breaker and one neutral wire, always white, that connects the circuit to the neutral bus. It is through these three wires that electrical current is sent to designated circuits that power lighting and appliances. The grounding wire is usually a bare copper or green wire that connects the neutral bus to a metal water pipe or an underground metal bar. The grounding wire keeps electrical current from traveling through frayed wires incorrectly.