Are Ignitors Purchased Separately From Replacement Wicks?


Menards, Lowe's, Wal-Mart and The Home Depot all have kerosene heater ignitors and replacement wicks for sale both individually or packaged together as kits. Since kerosene heaters not functioning properly are dangerous, it is important to troubleshoot lighting issues immediately.

Kerosene heater that do not light, consumers must remove the cap and check for ample fuel supply. If the ignitor plug does not glow when the button is depressed, the batteries should be replaced. If the unit does still not glow, the ignitor must be replaced. The wick can be tested by turning the wick adjuster knob all of the way down until just the tip is touching the ignitor and attempting to light it. Should the wick still not light, the fuel tank should be drained to remove kerosene that may contain water. Users must then replace the wick, refill the heater with fresh fuel and try lighting.