What Is an Idylis Air Conditioner?


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While Idylis is primarily known for producing air purifiers, the company also produces a small range of portable air conditioners. As of February 2015, their product line contains air conditioners that operate at 10,000, 12,000 and 13,000 BTUs.

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What Is an Idylis Air Conditioner?
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The portable air conditioners made by Idylis cool the air with refrigerants, but are similar to evaporative coolers (or swamp coolers) in that they draw humidity from the air, and require a drain bucket or hose to discharge the accumulated water. They also function best if the humidity level in the immediate area is above 20 percent.

The 10,000 BTU and 12,000 BTU portable air conditioners are similar with the exception of their dimensions, BTU output and the square-foot area that they cool. In addition, there are several different models for each BTU rating that cool varying ranges of square footage. All models have a single-hose exhaust system, three fan speeds, a direct drain for continuous use, a dehumidifier mode and a remote control. The 13,000 BTU unit has an additional heating function with an attached 9,800 BTU heat pump. It has the same range of features that the other models have.

The brand name Idylis is only used in the United States. The units are manufactured by Woongjin Coway Company of South Korea.

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