How Do You Identify a Wild Ginger Plant?

How Do You Identify a Wild Ginger Plant?

How Do You Identify a Wild Ginger Plant?

To identify wild ginger, check the plant's leaf shape, flowers and stem. Wild ginger can be identified using these features in just a few moments if the plant is mature and blossoms are present. The plant also smells similar to traditional ginger when the leaves are crushed.

  1. Examine the leaves of the plant

    Wild ginger leaves are heart-shaped and may meet at the stem, which results in a leaf that appears cup-like. The leaves of the plant are generally a deep, bright green. Additionally, the leaves are often found low to the ground, and only one leaf is typically present on the stem.

  2. Examine the flowers

    The flowers are found at the base of the stem near the ground. The flowers of the wild ginger plant are typically reddish brown and white. They feature a deep center that curves into a bell shape. Three long tips form along the top edge of the flower. Each stem produces a single flower.

  3. Examine the stem

    The stem of wild ginger is fuzzy to the touch, and it can be up to 8 inches in height.

  4. Crush the leaves of the plant

    The crushed leaves of wild ginger smell like ginger and have a spicy, sweet scent that can be identified readily.