How Do You Identify Tropical House Plants?


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Tropical houseplants are identified by big, bold, green leaves and colorful flower blooms. Their large leaves are mostly pale green with dark green edges. Another large-leafed plant common in homes is the Amazon elephant ear, which is admired for its big, elephant-shaped dark green leaves. The ever-present philodendron is cherished for its mass of dark shiny leaves.

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The dumb cane is one of the most popular American house plants. Certain houseplants are often found in office settings. For instance, palm tree plants are commonly found in many offices. Palm tree plants grow tall and have stems that hold numerous slender green leaves. The ficus is another decorative plant often spotted in commercial settings. The ficus is recognized by its impressive angular-shaped glossy leaves. Several species of tropical houseplants feature beautiful flowers. Orchids often have delicate, bright purple or reddish blooms. The peace lily offers up lovely white flowers that sit among large, glossy green leaves. The bird of paradise is a stunningly gorgeous plant with bright yellow blooms arching towards the sky.

A majority of houseplants are semi-tropical or tropical in origin and require moderate levels of care and feeding. Indoor tropical plants need a good balance of light, nutrients and water to grow strong and thrive.

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