How Do You Identify Trees by Seed Pods?

To identify trees by seedpods, you can try to identify the plant family it belongs to by looking at descriptions and pictures of family characteristics and then examining pictures of individual seedpods within the correct family. If this does not work, look at individual pictures of seedpods.

Identifying trees by looking at the seedpods of plant families is a good way to begin, because the seedpods of different plants in the same family can look very similar. Once you have identified the family, you can find out all the genera that are listed under this family. Eliminate these one-by-one by reading detailed descriptions and examining pictures for each genus.

If you identify the genus, locate pictures and descriptions for the individual species listed under it until you know which tree it belongs to. This may be easy or difficult, depending on the genus. Some genera contain thousands of species, while others contain only a few.

If the family of the seedpod cannot be identified, the only alternative is to scroll through individual pictures of seedpods. This is sometimes necessary, because some plant families contain seedpods of many different shapes and sizes. Identifying trees by their seedpods is a systematic process of elimination and matching.