How Do You Identify Tiger Oak Wood?


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Identify tiger oak wood by its distinctive tiger-like stripe wood grain, which often features alternating ribbons of dark and light. When milled through the method of quarter-sawing, oak, as well as many other types of wood, can yield this specific pattern.

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When a tree or log is milled through the quarter-sawing or rift-sawing process, it is first quartered. If employing quarter-sawing, pieces of wood are then cut at a 60- to 90-degree angle from the wood quarters. When lumber is cut at a 30- to 60-degree angle, the process is called rift-sawing. The result of both types process is an increased likelihood of distinctive patterns caused by a tree's growth rings and medullary rays that occur throughout the trunk of the tree, which includes the presences of striping in the grain.

The type of wood as well as its specific growth patterns has a significant impact on the patterns found within its wood grain.

These processes produce more waste than that of plain-cutting, which involves simply cutting the entire log in parallel sections. Quarter-sawing and rift-sawing are also labor-intensive, adding to the wood's cost. However, the processes produce a more structurally stable wood cut that is resistant to cupping or shrinkage.

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