How Do You Identify Texas Lawn Weeds?

identify-texas-lawn-weeds Credit: Ed Reschke/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

To identify common Texas lawn weeds, observe key characteristics of the weeds in question. The most common Texas lawn weeds are Russian knapweed, Ailanthus, garlic mustard, and cheat grass. Lawn weeds spread quickly and can cause damage because they steal water, sun and soil nutrients from the grass.

Russian knapweed is also known as hardheads. This weed has the potential to grow up to 1 meter tall and is described as having dark, creeping rhizomes. Removing this weed requires a continuous application of herbicide, as just pulling the weed and roots up will not stop it from spreading.

Ailanthus is also known as copal tree. It is described as a rapidly growing tree commonly found along a forest line. Herbicide should be applied around the base and on the roots to prevent further growth.

Garlic mustard is a cool-season weed found in gardens in the fall months. It can live for up to five years in the soil, so cutting it down can help control it.

Cheat grass is a winter weed that is most commonly found in fields. It poses a dangerous threat because it is flammable in dry conditions. Eradicating this weed involves pulling near the base to completely remove it.