How Do You Identify Syracuse China?


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To identify authentic Syracuse china, determine whether the date code and backstamp of the item in question is in compliance with the procedures the Syracuse company has used. Additionally, use a collector's guide to identify the various patterns that Syracuse china products has featured throughout the years.

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Starting in the year 1985, the Syracuse company began incising numbers on its china products in sequential order. This practice stopped in 1903. Following that, the company began encircling the numbers, again using sequential ordering, and this lasted until the year 1911. From 1912 to 1919, the incised numbers were enclosed in a diamond shape.

Beginning in the year 1920, the Syracuse company stopped incising sequential serial numbers and began stamping its china products. Each year is represented by a sequential letter stamp, followed by a number that represents the month the product was manufactured. After 1946, the company doubled the letters, but changed this practice in 1960, when it began to produce serial numbers corresponding to how old the company was.

Authentic Syracuse china also features a number of back stamps that change depending on the period of time in which the product was manufactured. For example, an authentic Syracuse china tableware piece produced between the years 1920 and 1946 features "O.PCO. SYRAUSE --CHINA--" stamped on the back.

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