How Do You Identify Shrubs?


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The Department of Horticulture of Oregon State University and the Colorado State University Extension provide plant identification tools and systems that allow online users to determine various types of shrubs. The United States Department of Agriculture also provides a trees and shrubs pocket guide on the Natural Resources Conservation Service's website.

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To identify a shrub using the tree and shrub identification tools of Oregon State University, visit Horticulture.Oregonstate.edu and click Landscape Plant Identification under Ecological and Environmental Landscapes. Click the Woody Plant Identification System link under Homepage and click either the Woody broadleaf or conifer plant to search for various types of trees and shrubs. Use the Woody Plant Identification System to find shrubs according to their characteristics, such as color, shape and grouping of leaves and growth habit.

The Colorado State University Extension also provides a plant identification resource that provides information on identifying different types of shrubs. To find the tree and shrub identification key, visit www.cmg.colostate.edu and click Yard and Garden Publications on the top menu. Locate and click Trees and Shrubs under the selection and click Identifying Trees and Shrubs on the list. The page loads a page that discusses detailed ways to identify plants according to plant structure.

The Conservation Trees and Shrubs Pocket Guide compiled by the USDA - NRCS can be used as a complement to the abovementioned identification tools. The view or download the pocket guide, navigate to www.nrcs.usda.gov and click Plants and Animals under Topics on the top menu. On the left sidebar, click Plant Materials Program under Areas of Focus and click Technical Resources under Topics. Under Technical Resources, click Technical Publications, then search and select Plant Identification under the Resource Concerns and Topics of Interest. The Conservation Trees and Shrubs Pocket Guide is located under Featured Topics.

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