How Do You Identify Peach Tree Diseases?


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Identify peach tree diseases by observing the tree, considering weather and other conditions in the past year and consulting an expert. Accurate record keeping can help determine the causes of disease and prevent future outbreaks.

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  1. Observe the tree

    Look carefully at the peach tree. The leaves, bark and fruit all give information about the tree's illness. Dark spots on the fruit, dead blossoms and shoots, cankers, also called mummies, that turn into brown spots, curled leaves and cracks in the fruit all signify the potential for various diseases.

  2. Consider other circumstances

    Look at other trees in the orchard, or ask about other trees in the area to find out about diseases in those trees. Think about the weather of the current and past seasons, because rain and drought can play a part in peach tree diseases. Look over the fertilization and pesticide application history for any information to help determine what type of problem the tree has.

  3. Consult an expert

    After gathering as much information as possible, get an expert opinion. An arborist, horticulturist or extension agent at the local extension office can help determine the type disease plaguing a peach tree. The expertise a professional provides in terms of treatment and management ensures the health and well-being of the tree and helps prevent disease from spreading to other trees.

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