How Do You Identify Oneida Flatware Patterns?

The best way to identify an Oneida flatware pattern is to contact the manufacturer directly. Another way that people identify an Oneida flatware pattern is to look at the back of the flatware for the back stamp, which they can on a site such as

For individuals who wish to contact Oneida to identify flatware, the company asks that a photograph of the front and back of each five-piece place setting is sent to them. They should include any writing, such as the back stamp, with the request. Contact information for Oneida, including addresses and phone numbers, is available at It typically takes up to 10 days before identification information is returned. Oneida also offers a search feature that allows consumers to search for discontinued flatware. allows people to search for the back-stamp of Oneida flatware online, but consumers may not find all available patterns. Like, this site allows customers to send in photographs of flatware via email. The company asks people to send photos of the front and back of the flatware along with any additional information that may help to narrow it down. In addition to having information on Oneida, there are many other brands that can help to identify as well.