How Do You Identify a Norwegian Maple Tree?


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The Norwegian maple tree, also known as the Norway maple, has one characteristic that distinguishes it from other types of maple trees: When one of its leaf stems is broken, the stem exudes a white, milky sap. The Norwegian maple's leaves are shaped similar to those of a sugar maple, but the Norwegian maple's leaves are a darker green.

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How Do You Identify a Norwegian Maple Tree?
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The leaves of the Norwegian maple are 4 to 7 inches across with five to seven irregular lobes scalloping each edge. Each leaf stems is about 3 inches long. In the autumn, the leaves turn a pale yellow. The leaves stay on the tree two weeks longer than those of any variety of North American maple.

The Norwegian maple can grow up to 100 feet tall, although it is more often found in the 40 to 60 foot range. The trunk has a rough, gray-colored bark and grows to be about 2 feet across. A Norwegian maple's seed pod, called a samara, has two bright-red, papery wings surrounding a single green seed. Seeds fall from the tree in early autumn. The Norwegian Maple is grown throughout North America as an ornamental shade tree, most often in urban areas because of its high tolerance to pollution.

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