How Do You Identify Mold in Your Home?


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To identify mold in a home, look for key mold symptoms, such as excess moisture in odd areas of the house, a dank or moldy smell, and the appearance of spores in colors ranging from black to pink. If anyone living in the home is having unexplained allergies or allergic reactions, this may also be an indication of mold. Symptoms include runny noses, sore eyes and congestion.

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Mold always comes with moisture, and it can be easy to identify mold in places where a recent water leak or flood occurred. Check for signs of water damage in conjunction with a moldy smell or the appearance of spores. The appearance of any two of these symptoms together strongly points to a mold problem.

Unfortunately, mold comes in several varieties and can be very dangerous. Some species of mold release mycotoxins that can be extremely harmful to humans. If exposed to an unidentified substance suspected of being mold, check for symptoms such as headaches, memory loss and a shortened attention span.

If you encounter an unrecognizable substance in a damp, dank or wet setting but cannot identify it as mold with certainty, it may be wise to order a mold test to help identify the specimen. Mold testing kits are widely available for sale and can be performed by homeowners.

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