How Do You Identify Indoor Bugs?


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To identify indoor bugs, use Internet resources, such as PestWorld.org and Living With Bugs, as guides. Identify which category the bug belongs to (for example, ants, cockroaches, flies or spiders), and view information about bugs that belong to the category.

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PestWorld.org has a pest guide that helps to identify bugs. The guide has many species of bugs and other pests that are divided into categories. The profile for each pest includes information about its color, number of legs, shape, size and number of antennae. Pictures of pests are available as well. The profile also indicates the regions where the pest lives, its habits, habitat, threats that the pest may pose to humans, animals or buildings, and tips on how to prevent the pest from entering the house. PestWorld.org also has articles on how to get rid of bugs and how to find a professional pest manager who can conduct full extermination.

Living With Bugs features articles about various pests and can help in the identification of indoor bugs. The website also offers additional paid assistance for identifying bugs. As of 2015, the website charges $5 to identify the bug, $25 for bug identification and general recommendations on how to get rid of it and $99 for structural pest control questions. Customers have to email their questions to the expert, receive a response with an estimated cost and pay the fee using PayPal to receive an answer.

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