How Do You Identify Household Pests?

How Do You Identify Household Pests?

Identify household pests by using the Pest Control Library on Orkin's website or by visiting Each site provides a comprehensive list of common household pests and the most effective ways to get rid of them.

Orkin is one of the most trusted names in pest elimination and offers its website users an easy way to tell which bugs are in and around the home. Follow the steps below to identify an insect using Orkin's website.

  1. Visit the Orkin website
  2. Visit the home page and click on Pest Library at the top right side of the screen.

  3. Select a bug
  4. Under the Popular Bug section, select a type of insect from the list. Choices include spiders, ticks, bed bugs and gnats.

  5. Select an insect from the pictures
  6. From the selections that appear, choose an insect that looks like the bug found in the home.

  7. Read about the insect
  8. On the page that follows, read about things like the breeding cycle and behavior of the insect and learn methods of pest control. is another easy-to-use website that makes identifying household pests simple. Follow the steps below to identify a bug using this site.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Visit the Pest home page and click Identify Pests at the top of the page.

  3. Choose from the list
  4. Choose from the list that appears on the next page. Selections include ants, bed bugs and stinging insects.

  5. Learn about the insect
  6. After choosing an insect, read about each insect's habits, habitat and threats and get insightful tips on how to deal with the particular type of household pest.