How Do You Identify House Bugs?

A good way to identify house bugs is to use a resource like Orkin's Pest Control Library. This resource, along with other similar listings on the Internet give descriptions and even pictures of the various household bugs, making them much easier to identify. Some of the websites will also offer ways to get rid of or control them.

Orkin's library of household pests gives a bit of information about the bug, their behavior, diet, habits, reproduction and signs of infestations. They also explain how they treat for the various kinds of pests so that potential customers know what to expect when the pest control service comes to their home.

Some of the other resources for pest identification in the home give indications on where in the home they are most commonly found, but not how to get rid of them. The information on the different resources is going to vary depending on the company or persons providing them. Once someone has identified the type of pest they have, they can try home solutions, like sprays, powders or baits. If these do not work, then calling a professional exterminator may be the best choice. Some types of pest treatment may require furniture to be pulled away from walls or out of cabinets to give the exterminator the best access to places the bugs may hide.