How Do You Identify Flowering Lawn Weeds?

How Do You Identify Flowering Lawn Weeds?

It's possible to identify flowering lawn weeds by learning about their individual differences. For example, dandelions tend to have yellow flowers. After identifying lawn weeds, there are ways gardeners can treat their soil to prevent more from growing.

The yellow flowers of dandelions eventually turn white. Gardeners who wish to remove them should dig them out from the root, and to prevent them, they need to encourage thick and healthy growth throughout the lawn.

White/Dutch clover feature white tips and tend to grow in areas where soil quality is poor. To prevent them, gardeners should add a fertilizer that contains herbicide. Removal involves digging them up in small clusters.

Violet perennial weeds have a pretty appearance but can take over a lawn easily when not controlled. Individuals who wish to remove them should hand-dig them before applying a broadleaf herbicide spray.

Henbit is a member of the mint family, and its presence is an indicator of good soil quality. Gardeners who do not wish to see them in their gardens should remove the weeds with herbicide. Henbit's flowers are usually purple or pink, and they sit among clusters of dark green scalloped leaves.

Oxalis tends to appear in dry soil areas and usually features clover-like leaves with a few yellow flowers. Removal involves pulling the weeds in clusters and treating small areas with herbicide.

Dock features long stalks of flowers that brown easily. Removal involves allowing the area surrounding it to aerate before pulling it out by hand.